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The residential complex Familiya is located close to the sky-blue coast of the Black Sea, only 350 metres from the coast. This modern residential complex of 204 apartments with its own highly developed infrastructure has been created for the exclusive comfort and relaxation of its residents.


The main feature of Familiya is two swimming pools: an open summer swimming pool and an enclosed winter swimming pool. Of course, vacation in the Crimea for us is, first of all, swimming in the sea. But if bad weather or winter coolness turns swimmers away from the beaches, Familiya residents will not experience any inconvenience at all. Warm and fresh water is always ready for them.


Everything is well thought out, with a genuine European understanding of quality and comfort to make both grown-ups and small children feel fine in any season. For example, going to a grocer’s or household goods shop is a trip to the ground floor. By the way, there you can also have a delicious break in a cosy restaurant, and a fitness centre is waiting for those who are concerned about the consequences of such a rest. For your convenience, the complex has nine lifts, one in each section, and staircases with glass galleries trimmed with decorative tiles to make it possible for you to enjoy the amazing beauty of the Crimean Mountains, captivating and attracting you with their refinement and power.



Absolutely all apartments face the sea and offer a magnificent view of the bay, which is protected by the twin cliffs of Adalary from the sea and by the Genoese Cliff topped with ruins of an ancient fortress from the coast. The complex itself consists of one- to four-room apartments with entrances from the open galleries located along the northern (hidden from the sea) side of the complex.


When walking into the building, you enter a hall, the pride of our project. The hall is decorated in the best tradition of the classical style with an ageless spirit of subtlety. As soon as you arrive here, you feel that your vacation has started. A pleasant hostess will always meet you with a smile and help solve any issues.


We tried to eliminate as many of our residents’ domestic problems as possible. For that reason, the building contains a laundry, an Office for Housing and Communal Services, and underground parking for 120 cars. Day and night security for the entire area of the complex is provided.




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